About us

Eurocom 2000 has been operating on the Bulgarian market for 15 years. The company  has established positions as a complex distributor of water systems, sewage systems and heating and for construction of building installations, infrastructure and industrial sites. Lately, we have added to our portfolio products and materials for landslide fortification, dikes, river embankment, construction of road and tunnel infrastructure, depots and recultivation.

Our professional team of specialists are in constant communication with our clients trying to meet their needs and to offer valuable information for all market innovations.



We offer products from European producers, leaders in the industry.


We implement innovative commercial approach to guarantee secure and trustworthy partnerships in future.


We take care of our most valuable company capital – our employees by offering excellent conditions for professional and personal realization.

Business objective

We offer our clients the latest quality products for building water , sewage and heating systems. As well as for infrustructural, road and tunnel construction, building and recultivation of depots. We are constantly searching for the answers of the following questions:

  • How is the market changing?
  • How can we meet these changes adequately?
  • How can we answer our clients needs better?
  • How can we enhance our product portfolio and keep a reasonable price at the same time?